Joe Burrow, QB, LSU, RS JR


🔥 Makes it look easy

🔥 Calm feet

🔥 Good over the middle

🔥 Athletic, good scrambler

🔥 Placement on vertical routes, gives his receivers a chance

🔥 Good ball security

🔥 Escape drills apply to games

🔥 Good touch, throws a very catchable ball

🔥 Not overwhelmed vs pressure

❄ Will hold onto the ball too long

❄ Takes too many sacks

❄ Waits for receivers to come open

❄ Will miss short

❔ Can he make reads and throws w/o #s/matchup advantage

❔ Without Joe Brady

❔ Why less accurate in 2018

🔁 Pro Comp: Andrew Luck/Donovan McNabb

📝Grade: Top 5

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