Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State


🔥 Speed rush, dips hips

🔥 Power

🔥 Dismissive, quick hands

🔥 So fast

🔥 WRECKS Wisconsin game

🔥 Don't want to leave him 1v1, gets home on games

🔥 Tremendous athlete with WOW balance

🔥 Doesn't get driven back

🔥 Inside move - YIKES

❄ Can be read successfully (college issue, maybe not pros)

❄ Can be neutralized by length/getting hands inside on him

❄ A lot of sacks vs RTs, some LTs graded out OK vs him

❔ Ghost vs Clemson in playoffs

❔ Suspension might not matter, just look into it

🔁 Pro Comp: DE version of Derrick Henry/Clowney/Von

📝 GRADE: Top 5

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